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11 Advanced SEO Techniques That Will Level Up Your Organic Ranking [Check Now]

Advanced SEO Techniques
Advanced SEO Techniques

Today I will share some advanced SEO techniques which will help you to improve your website ranking.

In this era of digital technology, everybody wants to spread his business digitally. So digital marketing is at the top of any other marketing.

Now people prefer digital marketing more than the traditional one.

Everybody wants his business to be present on the web.

Hence, digital marketing becomes the most trending field now a day.

For that reason, only SEO plays an important role. SEO is the most reliable technique other than any paid advertisements. It lasts for long, once you achieve the standard stage.

It drives more organic traffic, which increases sales as well.

To achieve such a stage, we have to follow some advanced SEO techniques which can boost your traffic.

So here, I am going to discuss the most critical advanced SEO techniques.

SEO the backbone of any website.

Let us have a look:

1. Speed optimization of a website

2. Mobile-friendliness

3. Perfect keyword research

4. Optimized content

5. Update & republish the old blog post

6. Link building

7. Security of the website

8. High social presence

9. Get listed on bing & yahoo

10. User experience

11. Technical SEO

Now I will dig deeper


We all know that today’s era is much more competitive than before. If you do not secure your place, no doubt somebody will replace you.

You might not get a chance to prove to you.

In the same way, it happens with the website also.

Here I am talking about the speed of your website.

Have you ever noticed that your website speed is good enough for the audience who visits your website?

If not, then do it now.

Speed optimization is the most significant factor in SEO, which is proved by Google.

There are 1000s of websites that are present in the search engine. If your site takes a lot of time to load, then you are giving a chance to your competitor.

It means the audience will leave your website, and they will search for another option as lots of sites are there to fulfill their requirements.

Hence you lose your first impression as well as traffic.

So you should provide a good user experience with high speed to your customers who are coming to your website.

Just do quick research on your websites and optimize the speed.

You can refer to GTmetrix and SEO site checkup.

If you want to know more about website speed optimization, refer: how to optimize website speed.


It is proved from research that until 2018, there are more than 50% of people are using the smartphone.

And these statistics will increase by the upcoming time.

Everybody is surfing the internet through their mobile, so it’s mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website.

If you will provide a great user experience to the customer through mobile, then it would be great for your business.

Google is providing a tool for the mobile-friendly test. You can use that tool for your website.


Keywords are the most important and common factor for any website.

Without a proper keyword, you can not make your website on the 1st page.

Here arises the most common question that “how to do perfect keyword research?”

There are so many tools that are available for keyword research. You can follow them according to your business category.

Let me tell you one thing, use the long tail keyword as it has low competition with the high conversion rate.

So it’s best to form a long-tail keyword with having the exact keyword.

Though this keyword has low volume, eventually, you can get the amount for that long-tail keyword.

If you target the exact keyword with high search volume, it will be challenging for you to get a position on Google.

So always try low competition keywords with high search volume. Try to use the long tail keyword as it has its benefits.


Content is the king. It’s essential to optimize the content to achieve a good SEO ranking.

Google always like fresh and genuine content.

The quality of content is essential for Google crawlers. Your content should be in such a way that customers will get benefited from your content.

Overall your content should serve the customers’ requirements.

If people like your content, then no doubt Google will also like.

You have to represent your unique ideas through the content. Because in digital technology, you have to put an impression on the customer through your content only.  


People are always want to stay updated on time. They don’t like the old content.

So its very necessary to update your old article or blog to gain attention.

For example, you have a one-year-old blog post, and at that time, you did not get that much of traffic and attention for that blog. Just repost it with some new and updated information, trust me, you will get a better result than before.



For SEO, link building is the most critical factor.

It is impossible to touch the first page of seach engines without having quality backlinks.  So to achieve the high position, building quality links is essential.

One thing here I want to mention that its necessary to build the links, but it should be coming from the relevant & authority sites.

Now you might be wondering how to build quality backlinks?

Quality & relevant content will help to get the quality backlinks from various websites.

It’s wise to get the links from different websites instead get several backlinks from a single site.

The benefits of having backlinks are apparent. It drives traffics, which increases your ranking.

Let me tell you how does it happen?

When you get listed on various websites, and google crawls those websites, it finds your site.

Eventually, it comes to know that so many people are talking about you, then there might be a chance to achieve the top ranking.


Here I want to mention that if you have a website related to business, then you should get the links from the other business sites, not from digital marketing websites.

So its necessary to have the links from relevant sites.

Refer to some case studies.


In this era of the internet, there is a term called “security.” Still, so many people are there, they don’t believe the internet.

They scare to give their information.

So to overcome this problem, security came into existence.

Its a security between you web browser and the websites over the internet. It’s just a secure version of HTTP.

Nowadays its compulsory for all the websites. Google also prefers those sites which are secure.

It’s just to assure the people that your information is secure with us.

So switch HTTP to HTTPS now.


In these present days, social media is like an addiction to all. Everybody is actively active on social media.

The first positive side of social media is you can directly talk to your customers and followers. One to one connection is very important in any business.

You can get the direct review from your customer.

So it’s a great place to expose your business in front of others. The more you bring your product to light, the more response you will get.

People will share your product more and more. Gradually you will increase your website traffic.

If Your engagement with the people will increase, then they will talk more about you.

It’s time to grab your broad potential audience. If you don’t have any social presence, do it now for your business.


Ever since Google has introduced until now, Google has dominated the search engine market. 86% of people are using the Google search engine.

But we can not underrate the presence of Bing and Yahoo.

Still, some so many people are using bing and yahoo. Some are habituated to these browsers.

Knowingly and unknowing, they are using these browsers. So we can’t even miss that traffic also.

It’s essential to get listed on bing and yahoo.

This approach is called search engine optimization with all the browsers.


Increase the user experience with the proper SEO strategy is very crucial.

Good user experience helps the customer to stay longer within your website.

It gives them a chance to explore more with your website.

The better you serve your customers, the better result you will get.


Technical SEO is nothing but to optimize the website for search engines.

We can say that we have to follow some constraints to fulfill the search engine requirement.

You might be wondering what technical SEO is?

Generally, technical SEO involves some part of “On-Page” SEO.

Moreover, it’s a process to optimize the website’s inside functionalities like URL, title, meta tag, speed, and many more.

N.B: excluding link building, content optimization

So before we start the actual SEO process for any website, we should ensure that technical SEO should be celebrated.

Spread the word! 😁


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