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13 Proven Chrome Extension for Small Business 2021 [Updated]

Small businesses face problems in finding out the correct solutions to their day to day tasks. When it comes to managing all the passwords, the lead generation, productivity, we feel these as a difficult task to manage all the stuff. So to make it simple and convenient for the user Google provides numerous chrome extensions in the web store. If you are managing all those business stuff then these extensions outlined below will make your task easier than before.

1. TeamPassword

Managing all the credentials for business is challenging. This tool has made this task easy for anyone with a diverse feature. TeamPassword is stuffed with so many features like group sharing, accessible from anywhere, activity and logging, email notification, etc. This extension will reduce your unnecessary hassle of maintaining hundreds of passwords.


2. ConvergeHub Lead Generator

This is one of the coolest extensions to capture the prospects for the business. The main purpose of the tool is to fetch the information of the lead from any social media platform like LinkedIn. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. This tool can be a good option for sales and marketing people who spend hours finding the prospects’ information. 

3. Meeting Scheduler for Gmail by CloudHQ

Scheduling the number of appointments and meetings for a B2B business through Gmail will become super easy with this Chrome extension. This extension has integrated with the Google calendar. CloudHQ has lots of features that can help the person to send an invite and customize the meeting. 

Meeting Scheduler for Gmail

4. Revamp CRM for Gmail

This tool is a free and easy CRM suite for Gmail to manage all your scheduled tasks. It has numerous features that can organize your regular work. You can synchronize your contacts, notes, and email with just one click. Try this super easy tools to trim your workload.

Revamp CRM for Gmail

5. Clearbit Connect – Supercharge Gmail™

Clearbit is a highly rated chrome extension that helps in finding the employee email address of any company that mails you. It provides some additional contact details of the employee to whom you are looking for. This is a very beneficial tool to get the contact details of the prospect or company through the same Gmail window. Start using Clearbit reach to your prospect. 

Clearbit Connect

6. DiscoverOrg Sales Intelligence

This is another highly rated and most used tool for sales and lead generation for the B2B business. This tool provides accurate contact information of any company on the web page, LinkedIn or Twitter contact information, etc. You can get the contact details, phone number, address, org charts, triggers and many more. Do try this extension. I am sure you gonna like this.  

7. Google Keep Chrome Extension

Google keep is another highly used extension that is used by users to keep their data safe with Google Keep. It has few mind-blowing features like save URL, and text image, taking notes, Add levels to the notes, and automatic save. You can also use it on the Android and IOS platforms. 

8. OneTab

OneTab is one of the best extensions to list out all your tab into a list so that you can use it afterward. This saves nearly 95 percent of memory. Reducing the number of tabs will speed up the computer by reducing the load on the CPU. You can restore it if you want to access those tabs.


Liner is a free chrome extension used for highlighting a web page. You can save all your highlights on the desktop. The best thing about this app is, whenever you revisit that website the highlights will show you. You can organize the highlights in the folders.

10. Talk and Comment

Now commenting on any social media or website will be easier with this extension. You just have to record the comment and paste it in the comment box. It is also available on android. 

11. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is an amazing chrome extension that allows the user to take screenshots of any web page or the selection areas, highlight any part of the website, clip of any web page that you would need later. Also, you can share those links via email. It has a few great features that will make you work easier than before.

12. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is another all in one sale and marketing extension for small businesses. It has almost all features that can make your work easier. Some of the features are contact management, newsletter management, appointment scheduling, Drag, and drop marketing automation, real-time activity alerts, etc. This extension would make the company expand agile.           

13. Streak CRM for Gmail

This is one of the most trusted and well-rated chrome extension for sales personnel, who can directly manage any sales activity through Gmail. Many other big companies appreciate this CRM tool. Enhance the collaboration with your product sales, maintain a customer relationship without any difficulty.

I hope the above extensions will help you in your day-to-day challenges. In the comment section, let me know if anything I missed. I will be glad to hear from you. 

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