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#30+ Best Chrome Extensions For Digital Marketers [Must Use]

SEO Extensions

1. Keywords everywhere

This is the must-have SEO extension. Keywords Everywhere is a keyword research tool where you can find search volume and CPC for a particular keyword. It also provides you with the keywords suggestions for that keyword.(Free version of this tool is having limited features)

Keywords Everywhere

2. Moz Bar 

This extension provides you with all the details about SEO and gives you instant metrics while viewing any page. It is necessary for all SEO users. This Moz extension shows domain authority, page authority, and spam score. You can check the DA and PA scores of any website with a single click while doing Off-Page SEO.


3. SEOquake 

This extension by SEMRush displays Google PageRank, Alexa rank, and other SEO parameters of any web page or website. It also highlights no-follow links, text density, checks, and even compares URLs.


4. SERPTrends SEO Extension 

SERPTrends is a super light extension in the chrome browser that shows the dynamics of search results. It shows the position of a search page is moved up or down in the SERP.

SERPTrends SEO Extension

5. SEO Meta in 1 CLICK 

This SEO tool displays all relevant tags and SEO data only in one click. This tool is useful when you need to analyze the meta title tag, meta description, headers (h1 to h6), alt tags, etc. for a web page. An essential tool for SEO experts for all web page detailed analysis.


6. Alexa Traffic Rank 

Alexa Traffic ranking tool has a metric system that calculates rank (Global & Country wise) of websites based on popularity. It uses website traffic as a parameter for ranking websites based on their usage.

Alexa Traffic Rank

7. Check My Links 

The extension underlines the live links and the broken links on a web page. Also, it gives you the option to cache the information. As a result, if you are revisiting the same pages, it will work faster.

Check My Links

8. Export Tabs 

This extension creates a text file of opened tabs in Chrome. It collects all URLs of opened tabs on your Chrome browser and places them in the text file from where you can send mail or download it in an “HTML format”.

Export Tabs

9. Ghostery 

Privacy Ad Blocker – Ghostery allows one to see the invisible side, showing trackers, pixels, errors, and beacons that companies place on their pages. You can identify who is tracking it from Facebook or Google and get links to the privacy policies of companies where you can opt-out.


10. Linkclump 

This Chrome extension allows you to open multiple links in new tabs at the same time by clicking and dragging to select several links and open them. Must check this super cool extension.


11. Similar Sites 

This Chrome add-on is perfect for a digital marketing person who does numerous research. Similar Sites show you a lot of relevant sites based on the website you are browsing currently. It offers diverse recommendations for a related website along with their monthly visits, global rank, etc.

Similar Sites

12. Similar Web

This extension gives the complete information of a site like a global website rank, country rank, traffic, engagement, visitors, bounce rate, and many more. Rather than checking the website manually by using some tools, you can save your time with just one click.

Similar Web

13. Character Count Tool

This tool is handy as it counts the number of words and characters in the selected text. You have to choose the content of your choice and right-click on it to access the word count tool.

Character Count Tool

14. Page Analytics (By Google)

The Page Analytics extension allows you to see how the audience interacts with your web pages. You can notice numerous parameters, such as page views, avg. Time on page, bounce rate, exit percentage, active users in real-time, in-page click analysis, etc. for a Google Analytics setup website.

Page Analytics (by Google)

15. Google Analytics URL Builder

This tool can fetch the web address automatically and shorten the URL. You can track your complete performance of a campaign in Google Analytics campaign report. This tool does not collect any of your tagging activity or data.

Analytics UTM Builder


16. Bitly | Unleash the power of the link

The extension allows you to save and share content through social media platforms, even when it doesn’t have on-page share buttons. You are given additional access to the social media performance of the link over the years, for a general idea of the popularity of the content.

Bitly | Powerful Short Links

17. FireShot

This is a screen capturing tool that allows you to capture the screen from the web. It has numerous capturing options such as capture the entire webpage, then capture selected area and saves them to PNG, JPEG, GIF, PDF formats. It has an email option to send it directly from there. This a must-use tool for all digital marketers.

Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely - FireShot

18. Buffer 

This tool is to schedule your daily or occasional post and to track the performance easily. It allows you to line up posts throughout all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. This tool is time-saving and easy to use.


19. Toolkit For FB

This toolkit is a collection of automated tools required for Facebook. For example, these tools help you to unlike all pages, unfriend selected people, delete all comments at a time, etc. (This tool is officially not available you need to manually install it, check the post for help: How to install chrome extension manually)

20. Toolkit for Twitter 

This toolkit is a collection of automation tools for Twitter. , tools like delete all comments, unfriend all friends, delete all tweets at a time and many more.  (This tool is officially not available you need to manually install it, check the post for help: How to install chrome extension manually)

21. Facebook Pixel Helper 

This tool ensures that Facebook Pixels are embedded correctly and validates that they are active. It is a helpful tool for any Facebook advertiser using pixels, as it ensures that they are running, and if not, it provides information on errors.

Facebook Pixel Helper

22. HashTest

This is a fantastic tool to check your hashtag in real-time with a single click. It notifies the quality of the hashtag with some color code. It ensures your content reaches to the relevant audience. It is easy to use. You can give it a try.

HashTest - Realtime Hashtag Testing

Social Media Tools/Extensions

Image Extension/Tools

23. Image Size Info

 This extension will let us know the height, width and size of the image on the web page you are browsing without any other necessary tool. It helps you to discover the size and other properties of the loaded image.

Image Size Info

24. Imagus

It enlarges the size of the images/videos when placed over any image or video on any website that contains pictures and videos with a mouse hovering over it. If you want to know the actual size of the image, no need to open it completely. Instead of opening, you can hover your mouse over the image. You will get the full size.


25. Eye Dropper

This extension helps one to discover the colors used on the web page. It has an integrated color picker, so you can easily find the colors used on the web page. You can save those pigments for your future reference.

General Purpose Extensions

26. BuiltWith Technology Profiler

This extension returns the technology used on a particular website. You can use this extension if you want to understand the technology with which the site was developed. 

27. Google Docs Offline

This time-saving Chrome extension allows you to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files without having to install Office on your computer. Once the Chrome plugin is installed, all you have to do is drag the Office files to Chrome, open them in Gmail, Google Drive and they will open in Documents, Sheets, and Slides to view and edit easily.

Google Docs Offline

28. Google Translate

This extension helps us read the content of a web page that is written in other languages. It translates the text and presents it in the requested language. It’s helpful when we need to do SEO for the website which uses multi-languages or other country’s websites.


29. Tab Wrangler

This extension closes the unused tabs or recently unopened tabs and sets the ram free from excess usage.

Tab Wrangler

30. NBlocker

This extension blocks all unwanted popups by showing you a notification when visiting any web page that asks you to click “allow” or shows some other advertisements. So this Nblocker will prevent all popups. It has different country locations. You can also disable this ad block on the domain level.


31. WhatFont

By enabling it, you can identify the type of fonts that different webpages use right on the spot. It also displays the font size and line-height. The font database is large enough to recognize every font out there. WhatFont helps users when analyzing the font families used by different website developers.


32. Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly helps you to rectify your sentence in the correct form. It has numerous advanced features to rectify human written content over any online platform like g-mail, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. It can detect the tone of your sentence through which you want to connect with the people. Get Grammarly now for a smooth writing experience.

Grammarly for Chrome

33. WOT Web of Trust

Website Reputation Ratings – This extension allows you to know whether a website is safe to visit or not. It warns the users not to visit such a dangerous website that has scams, malware, etc. For a secure browsing experience, one should use this extension.

WOT Web of Trust, Website Reputation Ratings

34. Save to Pocket

This tool allows us to bookmark any URL and save it on save to pocket, which you can access later at any time.

Save to Pocket

35. LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass is a super cool password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device hassle-free. Only one password you have to remember (your master password).


36. Google PageSpeed Insights Extension

Google PageSpeed Insights Extension: A tool provided by Google to check your overall website performance.  It also provides diverse suggestions to improve page speed.

Google PageSpeed Insights Extension

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