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15+ Best Keyword Research Tools To Find Out Accurate Keywords For Your Business in 2024 [Updated List]

Best Keyword Research Tools

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a method to identify people’s search intensity on a particular term or phrase. We call those terms keywords. The detailed examination or analysis of how often people are searching for a specific phrase is generally called keyword research.

Let me inform you one thing, you can never know about your business’s popularity without keyword research. Hence, any business must do a detailed analysis of its keywords.

Keywords are the essential factor to rank a website in search engine result page(SERPs). Without keywords, you might be lost in the ocean of search engines.

Here I want to mention, keyword volume may vary based on the business demand and the geographic location. So it is necessary to perform the keyword research very carefully as per your business demand.

It not only helps you to reach the correct audience but also helps in making your content more precise. Keyword research plays a vital role in content marketing to make your content more accurate for your audience.

The right keyword can drive more organic traffic towards your website through blog posts or articles. However, it helps your website to get an outstanding rank in SERPs.

Keyword research is not a one-time process. It is a continuous process to research your business. Maintenance and re-evaluation will help you to get the new keywords and maintain the existing keywords for your business.

Search patterns are not always constant. It changes over time as per the audience search pattern. So always do keyword research before you fire-new content.

Here are some of the best keyword research tools that will help your business expose more to its target audience. I hope you will also find it best for your keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner (free)

GKP (Google Keyword Planner) is a commonly used keyword research tool to measure different parameters associated with a particular keyword. This tool gives a wide range of information about the keyword, such as the ‘search volume,’ ‘CPC,’ ‘competition,’ ‘monthly searches,’ and many more. I am sure you will get quality information directly from Google, which can help you to know more about your keywords. I will recommend this GKP for your keyword research.

Google Keyword Planner

Soovle (free)

I would say Soovle is one of the best free keywords research tools. It shows the keyword volume/month and its CPC simultaneously for so many search engines such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube, and, etc. You can compare your keywords at the same time. Have a look over the tool, and you can put your keywords in the search bar and Soovle it to get the information for your keyword.

The best thing about Soovle is you can download your keyword list for your future reference. Soovle is a fantastic free tool for keyword research. You can give it a try for your keyword research.


Jaaxy (free/paid)

Jaaxy is not a completely free tool for keyword research; however, it provides limits (30 keywords) for your inquiry. It has numerous options to know more information about your keywords. The best feature of this tool is the QSR “Quoted Search Results,” which means you can see the number of websites is ranked in search engines for this particular keyword. In case of any other information, you have to upgrade it. Jaaxy is a decent tool for keyword research.


Google Search Console (free)

Google Search Console (GSC) is not a dedicated keyword research tool; however, you can use it to know for which keyword your website is getting ranked in search engines. Additionally, GSC provides you with some other parameters to know more information about your keywords. As a result, you can do a better analysis of your keywords to get them ranked quickly on SERPs. What GSC provides to its user, you can find it below.

GSC is a must-use free tool for keyword analysis for your website.

Google Search Console

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer (paid)

Ahref is a fantastic tool for keyword research; however, primarily, it gives you an excellent result for your backlinks analysis. Generally, this is a paid tool, but it provides 7 days of free trial to get experience over this fantastic tool.

This tool offers a wide range of options to get a clear understanding of your particular keyword. You can find keywords difficulty, volume, clicks, keyword suggestions, and many more opportunities to analyze the keyword.

I had a fantastic experience while using the Ahref tool for my site. So I would suggest you guys have real-time experience with this tool (Ahref) for your keyword research.


SECockpit (paid)

Similarly, this keyword research tool provides you with numerous options to dig out about keywords. SECookpit is purely a paid tool that gives you the option to subscribe to the tool before using it.

I must say you will get many features like keyword volume, search difficulty, traffic, and many more to explore on your keywords.

Secockpit (free/paid)

Likewise, any other keyword research tool also provides so many features to analyze the keyword with lots of keyword suggestions. Here you can get the feature like search volume data, pay per click data, Google Ads competition data, competitor keyword analysis, bulk search volume analysis, etc. This tool can be a good alternative for GKP (Google Keyword Planner). Let us have a look over the tool.

Here you can see if you enter your desired keyword, you will get the option to choose the location, and then you can click on the search button to get the keywords ideas.

Have a look at the above result, and there are many results for the keyword “digital marketing services.” has some fantastic features for your keyword analysis. It also gives you the facility of a money-back guarantee if you do not like the tool. Is there anything more satisfying than this? So let us get started with the tool.


Moz Keyword Explorer (paid)

This keyword research tool is also impressive as it provides numerous diverse options to analyze your keywords. It is a wholly paid tool. However, it gives 10 keyword research limits once you registered to Moz. You can examine the volume, difficulty, CTR, and priority of the keywords.

This option in the Moz tool provides you with a lot of information to analyze a keyword.

Look at the above features of Moz. Analyzing the above options, you can plan your keywords accordingly to give them a better position in SERPs.


Keywords Everywhere (free)

Keywords Everywhere is a powerful free keyword research tool. It provides the volume, suggestions, and CPC for the particular keyword. You have to install the extension to the browser. You can install it for both Chrome and Mozilla. It allows you to access the search volume from various websites with the download option for your further reference. Let us have a look over the tool.

This fantastic free extension has such power to analyze a keyword instantly. Here is one shocking news that from October 2019, this Keyword Everywhere tool will be a paid extension. Let us hope for some better free features.

Keywords Everywhere

Google Trends (free)

Though Google Trends is not a dedicated keyword research tool, you can perform a decent keyword analysis by using the tool. This tool is to perceive the current trends for particular keywords over the period. You can analyze the current trends based on regions, and related queries, and search volume for those queries. It also allows us to download the keyword list for future reference. Let us have a look over the tool.

In the above picture, you can see people’s interests over time. This tool can be a great asset to witting the content as per the current trends.

Look at the highlighted part above; you can see the search volume for the related queries for your keyword. You can start using this Google Trends now!


SEMRush (paid)

This tool is one of my favorite tools for keyword analysis. You can use this tool for so many purposes, such as SEO audit, PPC audit, social media audit, content marketing audit, Analyze competitors. SEMRush is a complete paid tool, but I am sure this tool is entirely worth buying. You will never regret purchasing this tool for your keyword research, as it will give you numerous insights for your keyword. Let us have a look over the tool.

From the above example, you can see numerous options to analyze a keyword. The number of keywords suggesting can help you to choose the right keyword for your business.

This tool provides many keywords lists as well as the related keyword list. You can also export these lists for your future reference.

You can see the insight that SEMRush provides is awe-inspiring to analyze a keyword. What are you waiting for Start using SEMRush now!


KWFinder (Paid)

KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tools. Similarly, like any other tool, it also provides many features to know more information about the keywords. Though it is a paid tool, it offers ten days of free trial to its subscriber. You can get information like keywords, trends, CPC, PPC, and keyword difficulty. Let us have a look over the tool.

You can search both by keyword and domain name.

You can get many related keywords for the keywords. KWFinder is a must-use keyword tool.


SERPSTAT (paid/free)

SERPSTAT is a google keyword research tool to analyze the keywords. Though it is not as good as SEMRUSH, it’s impressive in its way because it provides 30 free keyword research per day. Isn’t it amazing? Similarly, it has diverse options like keyword research, PPC research, content analysis, SERP analysis, backlinks analysis, and many more. Let us have a look over the tool.

You can see the options that SERPSTAT provides to its subscriber.

Are you impressed with the tool? If yes, then give a try to SERPSTAT for your keyword research.

Ubersuggest (free)

I must say there are no alternative options to this excellent tool Ubersuggest. Earlier this tool was serving for free, with many features that will give the best information about a keyword. But now it became a paid one.

You can get many excellent features if your subscribe to the tool. This tool will reveal the top SEO pages associated with the keyword, keyword suggestion, content ideas, and backlink information, and many more ideas.

What else do you need to rank a keyword? Let us have a look over the tool. Have a look at the highlighted area. These are the information Ubersuggest provides for free. It is a must-try keyword tool.


SEMscoop (free/paid)

SEMscoop is an amazing keyword tool that gives numerous insights for its free and paid versions. Likewise, with any other tool, you can get dozens of information like keywords ideas, search volume, keyword difficulties, keyword trends, and top-ranking websites in SERPs.

This tool provides 5 Keyword Searches Per Day, 10 Keyword Analysis Per Day, 50 Keyword Results Per Search for free.

Also, you can get their domain information. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, this tool is beneficial for those who want numerous information for their keywords for free. Let us have a look over the tool.

Just have a look at the above image. These insights are essential to know the position of a keyword. Let us try SEMscoop for free.


SpyFu (paid)

SpyFu is an incredible keyword research tool that provides many features like keywords, related keywords, advertiser history, ranking history, backlinks, and more features to its subscriber. This tool allows you to spy on your competitor’s keywords. Isn’t it cool? Let us have a look over the tool.

The above-mentioned are some of the essential features that SpyFu provides. You can also use the SpyFu to spy on your competitor keywords.  


Thank you for spending time on this blog. I hope it will help you to analyze your keywords with these excellent tools. These are some of the best-verified keyword research tools.

If you know some other keyword research tools, let me know in the comment section below.

Spread the word! 😁


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