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50+ Essential Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows [Use Now]

50+ Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

Make your work quickly and easily with the best shortcut key functions for Windows.

Keyboard shortcuts can provide an easier and quicker method of using computer programs. These commands are commonly accessed by using Alt, Ctrl, Shift keys in conjunction with a single letter.

1) Ctrl+A: Select All items in a window

2) Ctrl+B: Make the selected text Bold

3) Ctrl+C: Copy selected text

4)  Ctrl+Z: Undo Previous action

5)  Ctrl+W:  Close current tab

6) Ctrl+V: Paste the Copied text

7) Ctrl+N: Open New Window

8)  Ctrl+I: Italicize the selected text

9)  Ctrl+U: Underline the selected text

10) Ctrl+D: Bookmarks the current page

11) Ctrl+S: Save the current document

12) Ctrl+F: Open Find Window for current document or window

13) Ctrl+X: Cut the selected text

14) Ctrl+P: Print the current document or web page

15) Ctrl+Esc: Open the start menu

16) Ctrl+E: Select the search box

17) Ctrl+ mouse scroll wheel: change the size and appearance of the file

18) Ctrl+shift+Esc: Open task manager

19) Ctrl+’+’ or Ctrl+’-‘: Zoom in or Zoom out of a large number of items

20) F1: Universal Help

21) F2: Rename

22) F3: Search for a file or folder

23) F5: Refresh the current window program
24) F11: Maximize or minimize the active window

25) Win+D:  Show or Hide the desktop

26) Win+Left:  arrow Or Win+right arrow:  Snap Windows

27) Win+Tab: Opens Task View

28) Win+L: Lock your computer

29) win+X: Opens Hidden Menu

30) Win+M: Minimize all windows

31) Win+B: Set focus notification area in the taskbar
32) Win+F: Launch Feedback Hub app

33) Win+E: Open file explorer

34) Win+F1: Open “ how to get help in windows10”

35) Win+R: Open the Run Dialog Box

36) Win+U: Opens Ease of Access Center

37) Win+V: Cycle through notifications or open the clipboard app

38) Win+Shift+V: Cycle through notifications in reverse order

39)  Win+T: Cycle through apps on the taskbar

40) Win+Up arrow: Maximize the window

41) Win+Down arrow: Minimize the Desktop window or remove the current app from the screen

42) Alt+Tab: Switch between open apps or windows

43) Alt+F4: Close Apps

44) Alt+F4: Close the currently active program

45) Alt+F: File menu options in the current program

46) Alt+Spacebar: Opens the shortcut menu for an active window

47) Alt+D: Select the Address Bar

48) Shift+Del: Delete selected items permanently skipping recycle bin.

49) Shift+F10: Opens the shortcut menu for the selected item

50) Win+Numer(1 to 9): Open the desktop and start the app pinned to the taskbar in the position indicated by the number. If the app already running, it switches to that app.

51) ­­Win+P: It allows users to choose a presentation display mode.

52) F7: Check grammar and spelling to the selected word in MS Word and Excel   

53) Press Shift Key five times: Switch Sticky Keys on and off 

54) Hold number lock for five seconds: Switch toggle keys on and off

55) Ctrl+T: Open new tab

56) Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Open previous tab

57) Ctrl+N: Open new window

58) Ctrl+shift+W: Close all tab

59) Ctrl+S: Save current web page

60) Ctrl+B: Open bookmark menu

61) Ctrl+H: open browsing history

62) Ctrl++: Zoom in

63) Ctrl+-: Zoom out

64) Ctrl+0: Zoom 100% (default)

If you know some other essential keyboard shortcuts, let me know in the comment section below.

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